Homewrecker Challenge

The Home Wrecker is just one of hillbilly sized items off our menu. It's 15 inches of pure beef weenie!!!



Git-r-done in under 12 minutes and we'll give you a free Home Wrecker t-shirt. Beat the current record and get your Home Wrecker free as well!!!

Think it's easy? Check out these attempts:



Home Wrecker takes on the Big Apple!!!

Can't make it to West BY GOD Virginia to challenge the Home Wrecker?

No problem, we'll ship one to ya!!! Here is a vid made by our new couzin Huberto documenting the Home Wrecker's first trip to New York.

Big Boy

You got what it takes big boy?

Then what are you waiting for? Get your butt down here and show us what ya got!!!

The Weenie King Dale Boone - Home Wrecker Champ
Ron Clark

Yard Sale!

Check out our Hillbilly Yard Sale for more goodies!

Not big enough fer ya?

Then check our Big Bad Bubba Burger. Big Bad Bubba Burger
Pink Flamingo Deer Antlers Deer Antlers Crown
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